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About Sifu Marty Reeder

I am the luckiest dude on the planet. I get to practice and teach San Soo for a living. It took years of hard work to get here and , by no means, am I pulling six figures a year. What I do have is priceless. I get to raise my sons and spend time with the coolest gal I know, my wife. I am surrounded by wonderful people who are learning San Soo and I am glad to be the guy who gets to light the path. Forunately, I also have someone lighting the path for me as I continue my own journey. I am proud to be a 5th degree black belt under Master Ted Sias of Huntington Beach, CA. Under my first school, which was a good one, I would be a Master by now. But, Master Ted has taught me so much more than fighting. Fighting is only one aspect of our art. There is also humbleness, compassion for fellow human beings, and connection to the earth. I am too young to have ever met LoSiFu, otherwise known as, Jimmy H. Woo. But, I know Master Ted. And that's close enough.

Much like the IP Man movies, there is a balance between The Art and Family Life. I am ever thankful of my wife and sons' patience and understanding. I respect my time with them as I equally respect my time in training and with my students. I am blessed to have them both. We are all growing together. Come grow with us.